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Re: IBM PS/1 Audio Card.

I have a PS/1 with PS/1 Audio Card now and test some Stuff. Is there anyway to access MIDI Devices from DOS ? i only get it working on Windows 3.x. Are you trying to play a SMF via the PSG on the PS/1 Audio Card or are you trying to access the MIDI ports to send SMF data to a MIDI module? The …

Re: MediaVision Thunderboard

The Thunderboard is a cut-down clone of the Sound Blaster 1.5 with DSP v2.00. It does not have upgrade sockets for Game Blaster chips and cannot communicate with MIDI devices at all through the joystick port. The only advantage it has over the Sound Blaster 1.5 and its successors is that it has …

Re: IBM PS/1 Audio Card.

Is there any Documentation how the DAC works ? :) Ahh i see.. These two activate the IBM PS/1 Audio Card. It is always situated at ports 0200, 0202-0204, so there's no need for a "base" value. is it dma driven ? or more like a covox device ? It's an in-between, think of it like a more capable …

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