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Re: blood 1, settlers 2, settlers 2 gold.

i figured out what halfgaar was talking about... settlers 2 works now... (needed to replace dos4gw.exe then run it in dosbox) and so does blood 1... im starting to like that dos32a replacement file... makes dos4gw games work in dosbox. ---------------------------------------------------- i know how …

Re: blood 1, settlers 2, settlers 2 gold.

lol thanks... im now back at the original problem i was experiencing way back... the refresh rate is stuck at a setting that my monitor doesnt support... the pictures garbled as soon as i start the game from the main menu. (can get to games main menu) any ideas on how to force a diff. refresh rate …

blood 1, settlers 2, settlers 2 gold.

settlers 2 has never worked under dosbox for me... blood worked in dosbox version 0.63 but now encounters same error as settlers 2 in version 0.65. the error message i receive is... - DOS/16M ERROR: [2] NOT A DOS 16M EXECUTABLE 'E:\SETTLER2\DOS4GW (change the path as appropriate when talking about …

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