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Re: Speed of a Retro PC

dvwjr, awesome post (talk about detailed!!!) Ah, I love reading threads like these, gets me thinking again. I'm with GH wanting a 1 old rig solves all MY games solution, but I'm starting to see that 5u3 and the multi-pc route might be the only way to go. I'm really fascinated with the physical slow …

Re: Check out my new $14.61 233 MMX Dos Box

Yeah... I kinda just impulse bid on it since it was dirt cheap instead of the other P233 MMX systems that were going for like $40+ shipped. I was hopping that the bottom flair part was just cosmetic, but eh.. guess not.. lol... found this pic after I won the bid: http://www.damike.com/Pics/PC/ …

Check out my new $14.61 233 MMX Dos Box

I just won this turd for $14.61 shipped! :shocked: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8785772664 Specs: Brand: Packard Bell "Multimedia R515" Processor Type: Intel Pentium MMX Processor Speed: 233 MHz Memory (RAM): 256 MB (I think it only supports 128, so he might be wrong) Hard …

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