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Re: MT-32 emulation

Without proper documentation all I can do is make guesses. On the other hand, obvious stuff like triangle waveform generation doesn't need documentation. But take for instance my frustration with the time variant filter. The patches are comprised of several coefficients. The coefficients are well …

Re: MT-32 emulation

Hah... documentation on the stuff I've implemented is already available. Where there is no documentation available, I'm simply guessing. I don't feel my guesses are set in stone, as such, I don't see much point in documenting until I'm finished. Likewise, the exponential nature of the MT-32 patch …

Re: MT-32 emulation

I understand how you'd like more input in the emulation. Only I'm doing this for myself first, then for everyone else interested. That doesn't mean I'm going to ignore what people suggest, but rather that this is something I'm really interested in and I would rather work at my own pace. What I've …

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