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Re: Fantavision aspect ratio

What you are noticing is the effect of pixel aspect ratios. The developer of the software in question created the circle as if pixels have a 1.0 aspect ratio (as high as they are wide), but when viewed at a resolution that does not have a 1.0 aspect ratio the circle appears more oval than circle. …

Re: What are some great games for 8088 computers?

in DOS
I ran the patch found here and started the game with "ultima t" which I read somewhere starts the game in Tandy mode. When I do that, I do get more colors, but every other "line" on the screen seems to be missing or black. That is the typical "venetian blinds" effect when trying to convert Tandy …

Re: Games using the Intersound MDO

http://www.vgmpf.com/Wiki/index.php?title=The_Sound_Source The Disney Sound Source is backward-compatible with the Covox Speech Thing, and DOSBox emulates it that way. So, to answer your question about DOSBox, both devices are supported. The SS is actually based on the ST, but also has an added FIFO …

Re: Scaling in text mode

Text mode in CGA is scanline-doubled, and the internal scaler that doubles vertical resolution takes precedence over a user scaler. The typical solution is to use output=opengl and glshader=sharp (or your choice of shader) in SVN instead of using a scaler.

Re: NetWare, fire phasers!

Kahenraz wrote on 2022-07-30, 19:59: But what kind of beep? This is very important information. Here is the sound of firing four phasers with NetWare's LOGIN.EXE v3.76 (circa 1994) captured in DOSBox. Filename login_phasers.mp3 File size 36.38 KiB Downloads 14 downloads

Re: Enter Key inputting twice

I suspect you may be referring to the blank display line added by DOSBox's internal shell, which does differ from other command shell implementations but is a purely cosmetic choice and not really an issue. Pressing enter at the prompt should display: Z:\> Z:\>_ Perhaps you are instead seeing: Z:\> …

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