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I've got Full Throttle, Mac Version [original disks] and I am trying to run it on amy Mac. What happens is that it keeps crashing [freezing] with some sort of CD error message - I'm afraid I forget what exactly but I am mainly wondering if there is anything obvious likely to stop the game running.

My Mac is:

PowerPC 5500 board but with Sonnet G3 upgrade

MacOS 9.1


It is well above the minimum spec for the game, and the game runs fine for the first few minutes.

I had hoped to run the game with ScummVM on a PC, but it won't pick up the Mac files, which is a shame [but I don't think ScummVM says it will run Mac files on a PC so that's a fair cop].

Grateful for any advice!

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The game files on the Mac version need to be unpacked, first. Also, HFV Explorer can give you access to the files on a Mac CD from a PC. The first version of Full Throttle that I tried in ScummVM was a Mac CD. That was before they had full support for the game.