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I was pondering the past and recalled a trek game that never hit the shelves. It was a 3DO title called Star Trek TNG: A World for All Seasons. It was an interactive episode you could play from the perspective of 4 different characters.

I remember seeing some screenshots in a EGM back in '94. Unfortunately, after I discovered I had that issue, I discovered that I had idiocally cut out those pages for some goofy teenage project! They are gone.

Anyway, I was hoping someone here knew more about the game or even had the few screenshots what are out there. I can't believe how this thing fell off the face of the earth. There are very VERY few sites out there with any info...just try google!

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Sounds very interesting; too bad they didn't finish it. I wasn't able to find any pictures, just bits of information. Spectrum Holobyte began working on the game in 1993 and the project was cancelled in 1995. The most detailed info I could find is this:

Spectrum will beam down several more Star Trek: The Next Generation games over the next year, including a graphic adventure on CD-ROM designed for MS-DOS computers as well as A World for All Seasons, an interactive adventure for the hot but pricey 3DO system. Everything and everybody is rendered in computer-created 3-D images, and though that gives Picard, Data, and the other TV stars a bit of a mannequin look, the backgrounds are stunning. And with the 3DO's ability to move graphics on the screen, expect fast and smooth animation.

You might try emailing the company or some of the people who worked on the game for more information and photos; tell them you are doing a web site on Star Trek games or something. Probably a long shot but you never know until you try. 😀

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I doubt Hasbro even has any of the materials left of it

A quick dogpile...

Gregory L. Guerin - lead designer


those two names together found this page..

i'd take a guess that the names under Star Trek TNG: A Final Unity, 1995 would be your best bet because its spectrum holobyte.

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Ok I have some info and shots for everyone. I bought a few old EGMs off eBay the other day, including the specific issue that I had cut up in my childhood 😀. Click on the little thumbnail for a big scan.


Those CGI models of the characters look a LOT like the models from A Final Unity. I guess they did go cross-platform a little.

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*chuckles* I stumbled on this on youtube today and figure you guys might get a kick out of an old commercial for an Undisclosed Star Trek 3DO title. As you watch you can see how primitive the 3D graphics were for the time.

Star Trek Video Game Promo

Also it featured gameplay of the SNES game Future's Past and briefly mentions the Virtual Reality system.

Helping Debug DOSBox.

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Hey yeah I stumbled on that too a while back. I contacted the original poster and he sent me the quicktime file that he uploaded. It's slightly better quality than the Youtube processed version.

The vid has the most footage I've seen of that 3DO game. And the shots of the other games are different than their final versions.