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First post, by Camay

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Hi all !

I try to run MtG Battlemage on my computer, it start but its very very too fast ! Its incredibly fast ! I've tryed Throttle + CPUKiller but even if the game begin to resemble the game on which I played on playstation, its very laggy. It seem to be very hard to get the true speed of the game (it's a realtime game) and no lag problem

But I can say that Throttle + CPUKiller gice me the best result beside other ones

Any Idea ?

Reply 4 of 8, by Drogg

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Camay wrote:

just want to know if the game speed problem remain when using an emulated playstation game

I doubt it, since most emulators also emulate the clock speed of whatever processor they're emulating.

Console emulating isn't something I've spent a lot of time with, though, so I'm not the best person to ask.

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Depending on the speed of your computer, I doubt you'll have many problems.

http://www.psxemu.com/adripsx/shots/Magic%20T … 0Battlemage.jpg
(Click the link, then click the next one to display pic)

Here's a screenshot under AdriPSX (http://www.psxemu.com/adripsx/)

Although I recommend ePSXe (http://www.epsxe.com/)

Still, I'm not saying running Battlemage under Windows 2000 or XP is impossible. See here:

Follow the links, read, search. But PSX emulation might be easier.

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Reply 7 of 8, by Snover

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My recommendations:

ePSXe with
Pete's OpenGL GPU (or the now Open-Sourced version,
Eternal SPU,
Mooby CDR,
psx emulation cheater (if you're into this kind of thing 😉),
Kaillera CyberPad (for two-player gaming over the 'net),
Segu's DirectPad Pro (for proper input mapping from your controller... umm, at least, I think this is the good one, I'll try it later).

That covers, well, everything and then some. Enjoy your gaming experience. 😀

Also, I'm moving this to Eddie > Console.
Finally, I'll probably put this in Deep Thought shortly. 😀

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