Timer Bugfixes for Sierra Adventures

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Re: Timer Bugfixes for Sierra Adventures

Postby Mephisto » 2005-3-01 @ 23:19

....VDMSound is going to go away as an option in the next few years, both because it is not longer being developed......

OOPS tthis is new for me - what a pitty ! :depressed: :depressed: -didnt know that - sorry
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Re: Timer Bugfixes for Sierra Adventures

Postby amano » 2005-3-30 @ 01:14

Hmm. As I get it, the experimental 0.6.1 version has support for SCI 1 games included (Larry 1 VGA, Space quest 1 VGA + 4, Kings Quest 5). It works partially, but with many known glitches (sound problems, crashes, ... see http://freesci.linuxgames.com/sci1_version.html ).

The stable branch can only run SCI 0 and SCI 01 games (all those before).

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