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DosFreak wrote on 2022-08-01, 17:05:

For Portal 2 (Build v7293 was last build I tested) on Vista and above I use the command "portal2.exe -steam", also drop the .dll in the bin folder.
As far as Goldberg version it shouldn't matter. I want to say Vista compatibility is broken but 7 should still be fine and I haven't yet had to revert to an older version of Goldberg to get a game to work (except for Vista).

If the above doesn't work let me know and I'll do another test.

Awesome, works perfectly! Thanks! Now I can play every game I have on steam without it, I won't be bothered by loss of OS support or anything else like that going forward.

Or had on steam, the account is gone. Only thing I had left was a Windows 7 install with Steam on offline mode and a few games installed you still can't get anywhere else than from Steam.