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I play Settlers2 on VDMS 2.1.0 and works great.
There is one small interesting problem.
Midi music works OK in all configs.
There is strange problem with SFX (digital audio).
The digital audio and driver I talk about is Miles driver.
I have set SB 16 or AWE32 in setsnd as digital audio driver.
There is no SFX but sound gurgles. First on menu screen: instead of hearing 'click' on button I hear 'drrt'. After starting game the 'drrt' can be heard continously.

I used several dos4gw.exe files (from pack you provide) and this 'drrt' is different at each dos4gw and dos32a tried. The higher version the more 'drrt' becomes regular hiss.

I changed digital audio driver from 'SB16 or AWE32' to 'SBP or 100% compatible' and audio is OK.

Could you tell me what is wrong with 'SB16 or AWE32' Miles driver and what is wrong with dos4gw which impacts on Miles driver?

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Are you using Windows 2000 or Windows XP?

Are you using IRQ 5 or IRQ 7 when you set up SFX?

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Same here, with SB16 selected in Settlers 2 sound config, mouse click is drrr drrr 😐
The same thing also happens in GTA.
So I tried changing IRQ and DMA settings in VDMSound shortcut and found that with 16-bit DMA set to 1 (8-bit DMA must be set to something other than 1) there is no more drrr drrr, and the sound works normal. Hope this helps. 😀


Also works with 16-bit DMA set to 0 (8-bit DMA can be 1)