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Problems with un-lock codes in e-mails

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First post, by moojux

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O.K Paul is gonna get real sick of me and probably by now finds me to be a PC illiterate dunce (lol) but seriously my last request for un-lock codes in my e-mail hit a brick wall when my "e-mail client" is re-formmating the keys....I don't have the foggiest how to fix this problem since I can't change the e-mail paul sent to me and he did'nt give me clues of what to do (probably figured I should already now what to do , 🤣). I tried forwarding it to my MSN account but that didn't do anything....Funny thing is , I don't recall having this situation the last time I requested un-lock codes.
help ,

Reply 1 of 6, by Nicht Sehr Gut

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I have had this as well. The problem is all those "invisible characters" that get inserted by email handlers, etc...

For this (and other text formatting issues) I recommend "ClipCase" v1.3.2 at:


Download at:

Set the following options: Remove Returns, No dbl spaces, Trim end. That should work.

Be aware that it also has other handy features like Capitalization,...etc and that it's not for really big files.

To use it you just run clipcase, copy the text you want to "clean", then click "Process". When you paste, the text should be "cleansed".

(Note: You'll need the Visual Basic 6 runtime file as well...)

Reply 5 of 6, by moojux

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Glidos wrote:

I should also say I don't have a problem with people not knowing how to do various things on a computer. Different people know different things. Its all to do with what you've come across before. Nothing to do with being stupid or clever.

Hey Thank you that worked fine !!:P