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I just noticed that many of Daniel Remar's games have been updated as of July 2021. Some of the archives now include multiple Game Maker compilations/builds for increased compatibility. Check it out: http://remar.se/daniel/games.php

The MEGA update! 11 July 2021 The savefiles of all the games are backwards compatible. […]
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The MEGA update!
11 July 2021
The savefiles of all the games are backwards compatible.

===== HERO =====
-The game now has a Game Maker 7 build version for increased compatibility.
-You can now also fire with the 1 and 2 keys, and Numpad 1 and 2.
-Pressing Escape during gameplay now asks you to confirm if you want to quit.
-Pressing Escape now cancels out of sub-menus in the Bonus menu.
-Hero now stops instantly when you release the movement keys.
-Generators now have 32 hit points instead of 64.
-Fixed a bug that made Spawners unable to spawn enemies.
-Reduced volume of sound effects.
-Further reduced volume of enemy shot, hit enemy, and "ping" hit sound effects.
-Fixed a level design mistake in the "tram room" in level 4.
-Slowed down the screen flashing when entering Tetron's throne room.
-Changed the word "planet" to asteroid" in the level 2 briefing.
-The song "victory" now sets its MIDI tempo correctly.
-Slowed down the screen flashing during the ending.
-Better timing of the credits scene.
-Updated the help text, and copied it to manual.txt.

===== CASTLE OF ELITE =====
-The game now has a Game Maker 7 build version for increased compatibility.
-Tweaked a number of graphics to aid colorblind players and add contrast.
-The fullscreen mode displays in 2x size instead of changing desktop resolution.
-You can now press Alt+F4 to quit the game.
-Added a fullscreen mode button to the options menu.
-Added a cursor graphic button to the options menu.
-Added the option to use the Windows cursor instead of the in-game cursor.
-Tweaked some stages. Swapped places of stage 2-3 and 2-6.
-You can no longer place bricks outside the level boundaries in fullscreen mode.
-Slowed down the flashing of the editor cursor and placement marker.
-You can now press either Control or F2 during a level to restart it.
-You can now press either Control or F3 in the editor to save.
-Pressing Shift in the editor now works as an eyedropper tool.
-You can now save in both Place mode and Select mode in the editor.
-The editor now remembers the last name you entered when saving a new level.
-The game now remembers your chosen outfit and cursor between sessions.
-You can right-click your character on the main menu to cycle outfits backwards.
-You can now click the screen in the ending to advance the text.
-After beating the final level, a button appears that shows the ending again.
-The music file now resides in the game folder instead of extracted during play.
-Transitions are much faster.
-Revised hint texts.
-The hint text background is much darker to make the text easier to read.
-The "low detail mode" no longer affects the level select and ending screen.
-Increased time limits for the various texts that appear when you beat a level.
-Fixed the "That was simple" level clear text never actually appearing.
-Added ???.
-Updated the manual.
-Due to an oversight in the original game release, all teleporters are actually
shifted slightly up and to the left, meaning you can squeeze between a wall
and the right edge of a teleporter. This behaviour remains unchanged in order
to ensure compatibility with old user levels.

-Since Flash is no longer supported by Internet browsers as of 2021, the Flash
version of Garden Gnome Carnage can no longer be easily played. Therefore this
version patches in the improvements I made for that version, and many more:
-New main menu interface.
-New pause menu interface.
-You can now choose between the original music and the Flash version music.
-Replaced the instructions picture.
-The fullscreen mode displays in 2x size (instead of disregarding aspect ratio).
-You can now press Alt+F4 to quit the game.
-Replaced the button mashing minigame (slightly easier than the Flash version).
-Princess Pitch now appears from the chimney if you win the minigame.
-Added doombricks (with a full gold house and diamond GGC, get a gold refill).
-Added third gnome (arrives at 500'000 points).
-Cat no longer stops sparkling until he reaches the chimney.
-Cat's brick refills are now worth 2'000 points.
-Cat's gold brick refills are now worth 8'000 points.
-Cat now flies in a random direction from brick refills instead of to the right.
-Thrown bricks now have bigger, square-shaped hitboxes.
-Enemies still on screen after a Whopee can start Whopee-elegible combos (rare).
-Did not add House Whopee from the Flash version since it was deemed too creepy.
-Parachuting diamond brick elves now create five golden bricks when exploding.
-There are now brickstrikes (1/5 chance) and gold brickstrikes (1/10 chance).
-The airplane is now replaced with Catstrike during brickstrikes.
-You now press Down instead of S to engage brickopalypse.
-You now press Up instead of W to increase the level.
-Pressing Up now increases the level by 2, and up to 25 instead of 15.
-You no longer need to have over 10'000 points to get a pro tip when you lose.
-Added "friend" indicator when Cat appears.
-Updated pro tips.
-Unlocked pro tips are displayed in sequence while the game is paused.
-Pro tips are now unlocked sequentially instead of randomly.
-Fixed some minor bugs in the highscore name entry.
-Reduced screen shaking, so the screen doesn't flicker during heavy action.
-Diamond explosions are now blue.
-Combined explosive forces applied to elves are now more accurate.
-The music files are now located in a music folder. If the game doesn't find the
files there, it instead looks in the base game folder.
-Added manual.txt.

===== IJI =====
-Switching weapons now only takes half a second, unless the reload timer has
over half a second left. Previously it took as long to switch to a weapon as
it took to reload it with a minimum of one second.
-Doubled the active duration of Shock Barrier.
-Ansaksie's voice lines now play correctly in the Sound Test.
-Added a page to the Cracker's hideout logbook to give a hint to the room above.
-Fixed wording of a logbook (changed "resource ineffective" to "resource
-Made the endgame rankings information a bit more clear to avoid confusion about
the Immortal rank (take 99 damage or less). The rankings themselves have not
-Moved the logbook about Sentinel phrases in Sector 7 to a more easily
accessible place.

===== HERO CORE =====
-The game now has a Game Maker 7 build version for increased compatibility.
-Due to technical limitations, the motion blur and Tetron's ultimate explosion
are achieved through different methods in the GM7 version and look a bit
different, and the gameplay area turns black while the game is paused.
-The slowdown detection that turns off the motion blur is now more accurate.
-Turning off screen shaking now also turns off rapid screen flashing, such as
when you take damage and during the best ending.
-Slowed down the screen flashing when entering Tetron's throne room.
-You can now also fire with the 1 and 2 keys, and Numpad 1 and 2.
-You can now press Alt+F4 to quit the game.
-Added a 2x windowed size option. F4 now cycles between 1x, 2x, and fullscreen.
-The existance of Zero is now hinted at with a special block that says "LVL 0",
which appears in Zero's room if you are not level 0.
-Collecting the "Alien" shapeshift from Zero now teaches you how to shapeshift.
-Shortened the tutorial by one screen by removing the instructions for warping,
since you are already reminded of this every time you save.
-Made Hero's firing sound and the "ping" hit sound less sharp by lowering the
higher frequencies.
-The music files are now located in a music folder instead of being extracted
when you start the game. If the game doesn't find the files in the music
folder, it instead looks in the base game folder.
-Autofire now fires 10 times per second instead of 8.
-Doubled the horizontal reach of Hero's blade, unless there's a wall in the way.
-Blade level 2 now deflects Big shots that only Blade 3 could deflect before.
-Blade level 3 now deflects Giga shots, Lasers, and Tetron lasers.
-Deflected enemy projectiles are now converted into your own shots and fired
straight ahead. Stronger enemy projectiles convert into more shots.
-Only shots fired by you normally now count towards your maximum shot limit.
-If you have a charged Blade ready, it never loses its charge while you are hurt
or overheated even if you release the fire buttons.
-Made a few early rooms in Normal and Hard difficulty slightly harder.
-Made a few rooms in Hard and Annihilation difficulty slightly easier.
-Drones now bounce away in the direction of your bullet when shot, instead of
just reversing their current direction.
-Generators now have 32 hit points instead of 64, but at Threat level 5 and
above they are also protected by two sets of walls with 16 hit points each.
-Plasma Hydra's second row of heads now have 8 hit points instead of 16.
-Mothers spawned by Grand Mother can no longer take cover behind the boss.
-Fixed the Guardian's final phase not actually taking damage from the Blade.
-Fixed save point pedestals being duplicated every time you enter the room.
-Fixed multiple trophies appearing when completing Boss Rush more than once.
-Droplets from the ceiling are now drawn aligned to the 2*2 pixel grid.
-The tiny wriggling plants now reset their position when you re-enter the room.
-The positioning of the visual effect when shooting a wall is now more accurate.
-Delayed the Blade charge sound by 1 frame to match when it's actually charged.
-Fixed the music briefly playing at 100% volume in some cases even after turning
down the music volume in the options.
-Hero Forever: The first level is now 3*3 rooms large instead of 2*2.
-Hero Forever: Each new level now alternates between expanding the map
horizontally and vertically, so levels grow larger at a slightly slower rate.
-Hero Forever: You can now see an outline of the level on the map.
-Hero Forever: All rooms cleared of enemies (except Bolts) now remain cleared.
-Hero Forever: Cleared rooms are marked on the map with an X.
-Hero Forever: A map computer now appears in level 1.
-Hero Forever: Terrors can now appear in level 1.
-Hero Forever: Collecting a map no longer freezes your movement briefly.
-Hero Forever: Tweaked the decoration block graphics.
-Hero Forever: The map is now adjusted to the center of the screen.
-Hero Forever: Certain blocks now contain a level exit when destroyed by a
Foreverbomb. These blocks look different than the others in the level.
-Hero Forever: Foreverbombs now appear slightly more often than before.
-Hero Forever: Foreverbombs can no longer appear halfway inside walls.
-Hero Forever: Attacking with the Blade now drops a carried Foreverbomb.
-Hero Forever: Foreverbombing your ship now takes you to the secret level -1,
which looks the same as level 999 (which no-one probably ever reached).
-Added manual.txt.

-Changing window size now centers the window on the screen.
-Fixed a missing minor effect in the ending in the GM7 version.
-Updated the manual.

-Added a separate Run button.
-Every other button on a gamepad is now the Action button, and every other
button is the Run button.
-Added an Always run option.
-Swapped Doc and Ron's dialogue to make it less confusing, now that Becker tells
you about the Run button.
-Fixed the screen not immediately scaling when changing the Window scale option
in the pause menu.
-Updated the manual.

===== STRAWBERRY JAM =====
-Added a groove in the ground in Jam's house to indicate where the secret tunnel
-Added another hint to getting the pink backpack.
-If you talk to Scooter in his house with the Smooth rock in your backpack, he
will mention it immediately instead of you having to through several of his
dialogues first.
-Fixed Shark saying "And if I had ever seen them before..." even if you took a
detour to speak to him after being jailed twice.
-Maybe fixed a bug where Nell follows Jam when she talks to Queen alone.
-Fixed spelling error in The King's Round 1.
-Added manual.txt.

Source: http://remar.se/daniel/misc/themegaupdate.txt