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One of the dirtiest machines I have ever cleaned. Here are my two videos on the process and results. Spoiler alert, it really runs fast for its age.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Vids like these are dangerous, got at least three machines of practically the same spec but I still want it, it's cute or something. Maybe I need to go to retro-detox, one of those cities in Asia where nothing is older than 2018.

Unicorn herding operations are proceeding, but all the totes of hens teeth and barrels of rocking horse poop give them plenty of hiding spots.

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Lol, I feel I'm on a similar journey with my old i7-6700k after the last few years left unclean, as I disassemble and pack it away after replacing it with a new system.

About the same amount of dust and dirt. Just from long operational hours in a higher airflow system and a few years of neglect is all it took 😀