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I got my Optiplex 790 MT from my work about 5 years ago when they were cycling out old systems. It's been a shared family machine running Windows 10 Pro. I decided to upgrade the family box to an 8600k/GTX 1060 I had laying around and make this my XP build box. I've been messing around with Socket A and AM2 and just not getting the results I want out of an XP machine. It's been years since I have been CPU bottlenecked and I didn't like (and forgot) how bad it was with the pre-Core processors.

These things and their variants are relatively cheap to pick up now and can run any OS from XP to 10. That's about 20 years of OS coverage! The Q chipsets, like in this machine, also have native PCI support. Unfortunately, I need to keep a NIC in mine as the on-board will not function at gigabit speeds. I may pick up an X-Fi Titanium for the PCI-E slot but am running this on my old Sony 46" LCD via HDMI. There is also a shop that sells adapters to use these mainboards in normal cases for a decent price.

Build as of 08-29-22:
Optiplex 790 MT (2012)
Intel i7-2600
8gb Samsung DDR3L 1600
Asus GTX 760 2gb (GTX760-DC2OC-2GD5)
EVGA 650 BP power supply
Samsung 840 EVO 250gb (XP)
Samsung 850 EVO 250gb (10 Pro)
WD Green 5400RPM 1TB
Sony NEC DVD Rom
Intel Pro/1000 GT Desktop NIC
Windows XP SP3 - Windows 10 Pro

Few benches:
3DMark 99 Max:
60808 - 3DMarks
121064 - CPU 3dMarks

3DMark 05:
33233 - 3DMarks
28891 - CPU

3DMark 06:
25916 - Overall
9803 - SM2.0
13319 - HDR/SM3.0
6538 - CPU

Optiplex 790 MT-XP/10P