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This game is listed on both DOS and Windows list. So what do I need to run it
as 3dfx voodoo? I can get it to run as the software version, but it locks up if I try instlling it as the other one. I have an AMD 1900+, Widows 98SE, Nvidia card with 128 memory.
thanks, foghat

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Burnout: Championship Drag Racing is the DOS glide game. Uses glide2x.ovl.
So you need Glide Wrapper + modified glide2x.ovl.

Asus P4P800 SE/Pentium4 3.2E/2 Gb DDR400B,
Radeon HD3850 Agp (Sapphire), Catalyst 14.4 (XpProSp3).
Voodoo2 12 MB SLI, Win2k drivers 1.02.00 (XpProSp3).