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Zup wrote on 2008-04-19, 19:34:

Is there any SoundFont that faithfully resembles the sounds in MT32?

Or MT32 have behaviors that can not be emulated with SoundFonts?

Yes! There is!
Hi! This has to be my first post on Vogons. I just made an SF2 file to work with MT-32 MIDI files but still sitting in GM Mode. It all started with a SoundFont called Phoenix GS GM2 Made by someone called "Jexu" on the Musical Artifacts website. In his little but powerful SoundFont, there was some random voice presets located in Bank No. 127 (MSB). According to my research, that was the exact order of MT-32 Voices. So what I have done in the first place, I copied every single voice preset in its 127th bank to a new SF2 file with its standard drum kit, naming it as Phoenix MT-32.

You can download it here

Lately, I came up with the idea to improve the Sound Quality of that MT-32 SoundFont by carefully replacing those old voices using those handier presets included in my GM/GS/XG SoundFont - ColomboGMGS2.sf2 which is being developed by me for a long time--> https://archive.org/details/dawnsgmgs2 So far I released the new idea naming as ColomboMT32.sf2!

In my view, LA synthesis might have some cool features in its tonalities but most of them are hopefully imitative using modern Sample Based synthesis except of the Water Bells sound effect which includes some aggressively dynamic frequency modulation. (I neither had any Sound Module or a keyboard nor had experienced the total multitude of a so-called MT-32 module.)


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Axel Moore wrote on 2021-04-06, 09:42:

Very nice! I were testing it with Monkey Island, still not as good as Munt but very decent results. Thanks for share.

You are welcome! By the way, don't forget to mention what can I improve further on that. ❤️

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I would also like to thank you! 🙂
Munt is neat, but having an MT-32 sound font is fascinating, too.
For example, I imagine it allows the use in microcontroller projects, too, which Munt is much to heavy for.

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