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A few points:
- I already sent a PR your way. It's not about C#. Not yet. 😀
- Before refactoring, I'd add unit tests so no regressions occur. Of course the code has to be testable, which may trigger refactorings. 😁
- Windows 98 only supports .NET Framework 2.0 at most. For Windows XP it's .NET Framework 4.0. Both are ancient. C# 2.0/4.0 will be no fun at all.
- The Mono implementation of WinForms is not useable.

-If you target .NET Framework before 4.7, you'll have to use Visual Studio 2019, not 2022.
- It's possible to use multitargeting, but you'll have to use the lowest common denominator (ie. C# 2.0 if one of your targets is .NET Framework 2.0)