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Hello everybody,

Two days ago I bought my first Mac, a MacBook Pro of 4 years old.
I also want to use my old PGP program with my keys.
So I downloaded Dosbox.
However I have absolutely no clue how to 'mount' or how to find a directory on a mac. I've always used Windows. And occasionally use PGP for my passwords. It has a very long key, so I would like to keep using it.

I installed WinOnX to try to run PGP.
However the dos functionality doesn't seem to work.
I can run my old Windows Cardfile on my Mac now.
And my PGP files seem to be in the folder y:/documents/pgp
However, I don't know how to get there when I'm in Dropbox.
It seems like a brilliant program.
I only want to know how to get to the folder where Apple copied my pgp files too. If only I knew how Apple organizes this.

This must be one of the most simple questions on the forum.
So simple that it is not even mentioned anywhere.
How can I find the right folder on a Mac, and move within Dosbox to that folder using cd and cd .. ?
Your help is much appreciated.

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Just read another post, about DosBox being especially for games.
So I guess it's not the best idea for using an application for password keeping like PGP. Although it worked, because that operation only

Are there other dos emulators on Dos that are suitable for running simple DOS commands with simple parameters like PGP [ name ] -p?

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You could try to install VirtualBox and install a copy of Windows on it. Alternatively you could buy VMware or Parallels Desktop and install Windows on it. They may even support pure MS-DOS installs, but I have never tried to.