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First off let me say that Dosbox is great. It works fine, most of the time. 😀

The problem I see is with LSL6. Most times when there seems to be WAV out, the sound is clipped (and sound almost like a chirp), or the game sort of freezes, just as the sound is about to play (the menu works, though).

[The easiest way to repro this is to get your rooe key and open you room door a few times in a row.]

I have tried the latest version of libsdl (1.2.7), which improved the situation somewhat, as the "freezes" occur a bit less.

My system specs:
P4 3.0GHz, Asus P4C-800E, 1GB RAM
nVidia 5900, SB Audigy 2
Win XP Pro SP1

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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will be improved in next version

LSL6 checks for some dos_errors while playing sound effects. Dosbox didn't emulate those errors in 0.61

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What's your settings ?

When I use 44.100 Hrz, 16 bits in Stereo, the sound in bad, but when I set 22.000 Hrz, 8 bits and Mono, the sounds looks like better ...

Sorry for my poor english ! 😉 But, try to speak french like I'm speak english ! 😀 It's not easy !