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I have game folder with two sub-folders:

In the game folder I also have a dosbox.conf file with these commands under the autoexec section:

mount c .
mount d .\CD -t cdrom
cd Simon

When I run it in with dosbox, it works. The problem is, I want to distribute the game without any dosbox related files.
So I tried to create a batch file containing the same commands as the dosbox.conf file, just without the first line, "mount c .".
I want this batch file to be standalone, and don't want to depend on the dosbox installation path.
Then I drag the batch file to a shortcut of my dosbox executable, and it automatically mounts the current folder as C and switches to the C drive.
When it tries to mount the folder "CD" as a CD-ROM drive, it says "Directory CD doesn't exist".
Then I understood that mount command only recognizes real drives, so it treats the local directory as the dosbox executable directory, not the directory of my game.
Is there any way to get around this and mount the folder relative to the current working directory? Like maybe an environment variable of the current working directory or something?
When I use the full paths it works, but that doesn't help me.

Thanks in advance,