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Can anyone tell me if it is possible to play Dosbox games on 19' LCD monitor in Low Res (below 640x480) ?

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That, and some LCDs do a terrible job at stretching low res images to fill the screen. You may be better off setting the fullscreen res of dosbox to 640 or 1024 and let DOSbox do the streching.

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KJ wrote:

To LCD users:
Describe how the games in fullscreen DOSbox look, does it look blurry or is it acceptable for you. Thanks for reply.

Games wise all [most] old games look crap when compared to recent titles. The only area where bad scaling can be a 'showstopper' is black text on a white background. Try different scaling options (monitor, graphics card driver, DOSBox) and you'll find something that works.

Edit: Windows desktop is the best test for bad scaling. For example, with monitor scaling conifgured if I set my desktop res to 1024*768 I get 'blotchy' text. If I set Fixed Aspect Ratio Scaling, I get blurry text and borders top and bottom. The blurryness is not really significant in an old game given that the result is sorta smoothed similar to a TV output (i.e. not well defined like a TFT).