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Haiku OS as Host

After searching for the ideal OS for my DOS games, I finally got stuck at Haiku OS.
It is a BeOS fork which is still under active development.
Main advantage: It runs with 256MB RAM usage, tweakable down to 84MB. Thus, it can compete with IceWM (Linux).
It's the fastest OS for a 512MB RAM machine that I could find.

Yet, it didn't run DOSBox out of the box.

So here are the steps necessary to get it running:

1.) Installation
2.) Autostart
3.) Sound not working
4.) No Fullscreen on certain Hardware


1.) Installation
To install, use HaikuDepot from the applications menu.
The "Start" button is located in the upper right corner of the desktop.
Search for "dosbox" and install it.

2.) Autostart
to autostart, open up the terminal from the apllications menu and enter

cp /boot/system/data/deskbar/menu/Applications/DOSBox /boot/home/config/settings/boot/launch/

3.) Sound not working

3.a) First, open up HaikuDepot from the applications menu and install the "opensound" package.
this will install OSS

3.b) Blacklist the preinstalled driver
-Open the Terminal from the applications menu and enter:

nano /boot/system/settings/packages

-enter the following text:

Package haiku {
EntryBlacklist {

-Hit CTRL+x, y, <Enter> to save.

4.) No Fullscreen for DOSBox
-Enter the following to edit the DOSBOx config:

nano /boot/home/config/settings/dosbox/dosbox-0.74-3.conf

(the file name can be different on other versions)
-go to the SDL section and make sure the following entrys are set:
(the resolution of 1280x800 can be different on your system, depending on your GFX card and monitor.
just make sure it won't be more than 1280x800, and that the aspect ratio is correct.)


-Hit CRTL+x, y, <Enter> to save.

5.) reboot to test