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After setting up dosbox, I was unable to mount the c directory.
first instead of a C there was a Z
So, after reading the FAQ, I typed
mount c c:\dosprog

but there was this message" directory c don't exist".

What can I do??



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Does the folder dosprog exist on your C: drive? You must mount a real folder.

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just forget about dosprogs.
mount c c:\

and then go to where you have your games.

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That means dosbox is using the letter "C:" for the main drive. You pointed it to your actual C:\ drive so now dosbox can see your entire hardrive. Just use "cd\" and your dosgame's foldername to enter the directory. Then you can type the name of the game's exe/bat file.

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(this could become a very long thread 🤐 )

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Unless you have a directory "dosprog", that won't work. It's an example of a directory name, not a command.

DOS only looks at one directory (folder) at a time; the "cd" (Change Directory) command moves the system's attention around the file system. The "dir" command shows you the files and subdirectories in the current directory (if there are a lot, they won't fit on the screen, so use Windows to figure out where everything is). If you want to go to a directory called "name" that is in the current directory, just type "cd name". If you want to go up a level, to the directory the current one is in, type "cd .." to back up. If you want to go down through multiple levels, use "cd name\name2\name3", etc. If you want to go somewhere else entirely, type the full path, ie: "cd C:\name0\name4".

Have you mounted the CD-ROM and installed the game? The command to mount a CD-ROM drive is readily available in the documentation for DOSBox; to go to a mounted CD-ROM, just type the drive letter you mounted it to followed by a colon. If it's a DOS game, you usually have to type "install" next, but check the CD's contents in Windows, or use "dir" in DOSBox, to make sure you know what the installer is called, and then type that on the command line. Follow the instructions in the installer.

Once you do that, you have to go to the installation directory (where the game installed itself) and type the name of the executable file to run it.

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Ok heres the easiest possible way to tell you, DO EVERYTHING EXACTLY!! 😁

1) Create a folder on your harddrive called "DOS" (without quotes)
2) Open the folder
3) Make another folder with the name of the game (eg. MARIO)

4) Start Dosbox
5) Type this:
mount C: C:\dos

6) Then type this:

7) Now type DIR to see a list of files in that folder
8 ) Find one named SOMETHING.EXE that sound similar to the games name (eg. MARIO.exe)

9) Type: MARIO (without typing .exe)

PLAY! 😅 Any more questions just ask.[/i]

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DOSBox Moderator
Snover wrote:

And also, that mount command would not work, as you cannot have a colon after the letter of the drive you want to create.

You can. It was not so just in some older DOSBOX versions...


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Getting soft in their old age. 😁 (No, not that kind)

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