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ripsaw8080 wrote on 2020-06-29, 21:45:

Mixer behavior depends on sbtype= and/or sbmixer= settings.

More detail here.

Then why does it not do it on regular DOSBox .74 or my SVM build I also use from time to time?

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Reply 1082 of 1082, by ripsaw8080

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I can only guess that it's due to different settings, e.g. you use sbtype=sb1/sb2 or sbmixer=false in those cases where Dune 2 is not affecting your mixer settings. Perhaps there is some confusion as to which .conf file is being used. You can check the current settings by typing "sbtype" and "sbmixer" at the prompt.

At my place, with default settings (meaning sbtype=sb16 and sbmixer=true) in official 0.74(-3) and SVN, Dune 2 (US floppy version 1.07) is changing the mixer settings. As you can see in the linked thread, the user there was encountering the described behavior.