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Since I've been using DOSBox for development a lot lately , I've created an updated patch that adds a few more debugger commands and some fixes.

  • The Debugger window can no longer be resized on Windows 10, which would mess up the formatting. The window can no longer be maximized either since it's a static size.
  • When closing the debugger, DOSBox will exit with a status code 0, which works better if run from a batch file.
  • New debugger commands:
    • DA: Will disassemble n bytes from segment:offset to a text file (defaulting to DISASM.TXT)
    • BPSAVE: Will save the current breakpoint list to BPLIST.TXT
    • EXEC: Will execute debugger commands from the specified file (comments can be made using a semicolon ";")
  • An autoexec file can be specified with autoexec= in the debug section of dosbox.conf. Just like the command file above, comments can be made using a semicolon.

The attached dosbox.exe is built against SVN 4454.