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Talking Parrot was a family favorite back in the day when our dial-up could barely do email and shareware CD's were nearly the only source of new games.

Is there any chance that the official Dosbox will get real microphone input added?

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Microphone input is not a development priority because it is rarely used by games. However, DOSBox uses the SDL library, which I believe does support microphone input, and open source means someone could develop the feature unofficially. If a microphone input patch works well and doesn't add too much code then it would likely be considered for official inclusion.

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akallio wrote on 2022-12-21, 17:31:

I've been playing with Dosbox-x for about a month now, certainly not expert in configuration, but there are options in the SOUND tab to increase or decrease recording volume.

DOSBox-X also does not support recording.