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Re: DOSBox Icon

Postby rfnagel » 2011-5-21 @ 00:58

My own humble little contribution :) 32x32, 16-colors (Windows 16-color palette), white is transparent in the actual icon included in the ZIP file.

Also, a little joke animated GIF... I was simply dying to post this somewhere LOL! :)
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Re: DOSBox Icon

Postby rolloLG » 2018-6-10 @ 08:55

Very nice icons! :)
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Re: DOSBox Icon

Postby SieBoi » 2019-1-17 @ 22:47

Soooo... Am i late for the competition :pppp

Regardless of how late i am (which is 14 years :p) i made these just for fun, so if you wanna try something different instead of default these might be an option.
Though as you can easily see i am no expert at logo making nor pixel art and i actually share this more for an actual professional to see and make better version than mine, so it could be useable.

I entirely make it in paint and its not an .ico file however if you want to use one of it i could fix it and make it into an .ico (though i don't really remember how we did that :p)

Here are the boys:



Alternative colors (using modern windows'es 16 base colors)

And this is the workspace :p

Also at the bottom parts of the workspace you can see there is a section with a light blue color, that idea was cool however i am not talented enough to do that but it would be lovely.
Have fun!
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