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hey all,

Im accually not new i didnt want to reg for about 1 year but i finally did!!

anyway, I have get mechwarrior 2 working but i seen to be comming across alost of probs. ill list them.
**(i have ver 1.1 dos of mechwarrior cd rom already ver 1.1)

-cd not being detetced with out no-cd crack.
-after i put the crack on i didnt need the cd, i change the conf and i have to use 45000 cycles!! luckly my comp takes these things very well it only uses about 47% core usage.
-the game runs and its defenetly playable but trust me i could be twice as fast.
-other people say that u need a .bin of the cd and u mount that to get it to work with out cd & no-cd crack.
-also i set the core=dynamic (it does help!)
-i also have found a netmech program for dos mech2 its ver 1.0 but it does not matter. i tryed hosting a game it says "cannot find cd rom please cheak your drive" so thats y u need the .bin file.

**please post your comments & help

***if things dont make sense dont blame me blame my mind its always alover the place, thx


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You need to create a bin and cue of the cd and mount it as has been said - mount it correctly with all options set. I went nuts looking for a crack myself, but then I ended up with no speech in the game so it's pointless. Use imgmount and it will work fine in every way.

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Hey man,

I got the actual mechwarrrior 2 cd and I'm getting the same NO CD error.

Can you type out the exact imgmount command your successfully using.

Do I need to grab the image an cue file or can I just mount the cd from my CD-DRIVE?

THis is driving me nuts

Thanks again