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I have noticed in my testing of Alien Legacy under the latest compiled CVS (9-7) that if I do the following that Alien Legacy seems to run quite stably. Granted I haven't played the game for hours on end but by doing this it doesn't crash within a couple of exploration missions. Longest play time under dosbox is about 40 minutes so far using the following (and it didn't crash, I shut it off).

1> setup the config file for just a hair too high cpu cycles for my machine (the game's sound skips some, just this side of anoying).
2> run the game under dosbox windowed, not full screen (a different problem is avoided this way for me).
3> once I am at the screen where you select new game, load game or exit to dos I go full screen (alt-enter) and then hit ctrl-f11 (slows the cpu cycles). I only hit it once as more presses cause other issues.

Thats all. On a side note, part of the reason for running windowed is I use win2k task manager to up the priority of the dosbox to high (NOT realtime!!!) so that there are fewer interuptions from whatever background apps may be running.
The game runs OK for me with about 7000 cycles to start (including the f11 trick). The only jerky spots are the space view (VERY jerky) and the exploration psudo 3d mode (tolerable sometimes). I rarely view the space screens and I usualy switch to top down exploration mode for a HUGE speed boost.

Enjoy, hope others find this usefull.

*edit* I forgot the disclamer: since the cvs builds are beta your milage will probobly vary a lot...