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I am trying to get Pool of Darkness running in Dosbox, and I am using the D-fend frontend for it. I can get the game to start, it does the demo and I can get into character creation mode. However, when I try to create a character and save it, I get the error "Error - cannot locate POD directory".

I have (or rather had) installed the game to a directory called Intrplay\Darkness, so I renamed the directory to Intrplay\POD in the hopes that that would give the game the directory it is looking for - unfortunately, no luck. Is it expecting it to be in the root of the C: drive? What do I need to do to get this working?

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..and, just to make sure: the file you have to delete is named pool4.cfg, not just pool.cfg.
After doing so, run start.bat. The settings dialogue will appear, allowing you to enter grahpics, sound and path settings.

Even though it's advisable to install everything from inside DOSBox, this shouldn't even be necessary for Pools of Darkness.

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