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Hi there,
I've successfully gone through dosbox to play sam n max, but I can't get the sound card to save. I get the options screen and it is set to none. I change it to soundblaster (220 - 7 - 1) and exit with Y for yes to save. The game starts but no sound. I have then gone into the sound board configuration in the game menus and reset the sound to that shown.

Still no sound.

During the soundcard set up screen I have tested the sound and it does play the test sound, but as soon as I exit it seems that I doesn't save it 🙁

At the command prompt in dosbox I have done a set to see the settings and it shows soundblaster (220 - 7 - 1 and then two other settings H5 and T6).

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for any help 😀

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Are you using an official version? This sounds like a bad/write-protected abandonware download... 😉

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