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I am having problem with old X8008 dos program, from US Army Corp of Engineers, running under DOSBOX. I am not sure
what the problem is but it seems that keyboard inputs are not recognized by the X8008.
I ran this program sucessfully under dos/command prompt of Virtual XP application under Windows 7 64 bit.
I am about to move to Windows 10 64bit and Virtual XP seems to be not available for windows 10 and I need to find a solution.

X8008 is quite simple program and it has four line of inputs:
execute X8008.exe inside command prompt

When I run X8008 under DOSBOX, it doesnot pass the first line of input or 1. It seems that return does not function, backspace does not function either.
I attach the x8008 executable, t.dat (inputfile) t.out (outout file) for diagnosing or duplication of the problem.

As per the guidelines in the forum, I also provide hardware information
1) MB : Intel DX79SI
2) CPU: Intel I7-3960X @3.3GHZ
3) Memory: DDR3 32GB
4) Sound Card: Creative SB X-Fi
5)Operating system: Windows 7 x64
6)Application name: X8008
7) It seems that keyboard inputs are not recognized by X8008, but not sure
8)Reproducibility of problem -Always
9)Sound mode used: None
10)Video mode:X8008 runs under Text Mode ( Graphics card NVIDIA GTX 670 with dual 24" monitors, 1920X1200 Extented)
11)Version of emulator (DOSBox 0.74)
12) Tried changing keyboard from US to US International in Windows,tried assigning us103 in dosbox config,
tried winows cmd promp -> set sdl_videodriver=windib -> dosbox.exe
13) Keyboard: Logitech G19

I would greatly appreciate any help to solve this proplem. Since this is not game and if experienced users/developers require
adequate compensation, I am willing to provide.

Thanks, EGY
PS: X8008 exe, input, output is attached.

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There is a known issue with old FORTRAN programs, like this one, and how they read input from the console device. You can run the attached program in DOSBox before running such programs as a workaround, but you will probably be better off using a different virtualization to run DOS applications.


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Yes, it worked. I cannot thank you enough for your kind help. There is at least a workaround. As per your suggestion, I will look into
other VM machines like Virtualbox or Hyper-V to install fresh XP but for such a small textmode X8008 program , it seems an overkill.
BTW, I will send you a private PM for another subject. Thanks again.