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I have:
XP 2500+
1Gb DDR 400
Radeon 9800 Pro
SB Audigy 2

When trying to run C&C, I get an error saying it can't find the CD. I tried the following line:
mount d: h:/ -t cdrom -ioctl -label GDI
But it won't work ... any ideas ? I got similar problems with LBA2 and other friends have them with other games.

I use Dosbox 6.1 BTW

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it's dosbox 0.61
there is no need to call it 6.1 as certain software companies might do.

XP.. are you being an admistrator or not ?
try for a change the -usecd option (not combined with ioctl)

Both games (as rips) work fine.
CDrom... still a hard one (to do that cross-platform )

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