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in Wolf (from Sanctuary Woods) with DOSBox ECE there is no SFX sound when SB is selected in setup.
However it's working fine with DOSBox 0.74-2. Then I had tried with older ECE release and found out that the problems has begun in r4066.
In this SVN the sound is present but there is a costant background pulsating noise.
From r4174 there is no sound at all.

I think the problem isn't specific to the ECE version, from the DOSBox SVN changelog I see:

[r4066] src/hardware/sblaster.cpp: Allow an autoinit transfer to
go over into a single cycle transfer
Fixes Paddlers.

[r4174] src/hardware/sblaster.cpp: Make autoinit exit work and
prevent double single cycle transfers when quitting autoinit