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This isn't that much of an issue for most people, considering Munt is primarily used for gaming and most mt-32 supported games don't trigger this problem, but the "Engl Horn" patch (and maybe a few others, didn't check) sounds very distorted on lower notes played at max velocity. At around maybe 50% velocity the patch sounds fine. I tested this using both mt32 and cm32l roms and the problem persists. Even though I don't own a real device, I'm calling this a problem with Munt specifically since some older versions (1.0.0 - 1.2.0 iirc) don't exhibit this behavior/bug.

Also, are the Atmosphere and Soundtrack patches supposed to be non-responsive to pitch bend? Not considering this a bug, just asking.

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I remember the Engl Horn in King's Quest 7 (which is not designed for MT-32) having some high volumes and velocities, and it was horrible sounding. Might have been distorted also. That was with a real MT-32, can't remember if 1st or 2nd gen.

Not sure if you have KQ7 to test, but scenes in Ooga Booga like with the Boogeyman's Crypt would be good. Although I could always find the MIDI and test it I guess!

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I can also confirm this problem. It happens with notes below middle C when velocity is above 119. I recommend to report this problem in this thread:
Munt Reloaded - Development
Munt bugs reported here is usually corrected by Sergm within days.

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I suspect, Spikey is right. There is a distortion in the LA32 ring modulator (and other places) which can be revealed like this. I added emulation of it in recent versions of the mt32emu core (see relevant commit), so no surprise it was missing in version 1.0 😀
I've just made a capture from CM-64 to double-check. Making emulation of this quirk optional doesn't sound too useful, there are patches known to exploit it. So, there is nothing to fix, IMO.


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