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Hi almeath,

> The patch is meant to also work with standard (SDL1) DOSBox SVN?

It's bit-rotten since its last update here, but the work has found a home in DOSBox ECE, DOSBox-X, DOSBox Core, and DOSBox Staging.

For SVN, I'd suggest using the latest state of the patch used by ECE - it was last modified here: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

> Also, if I am not needing to actually encode any CD audio into the respective formats, are there any baseline benefits to audio playback that are noticeable in standard DOSBox

Exactly; if you're only playing existing GoG (OGG Vorbis) encoded CD-DA tracks or mounting BIN/CUE's, then the extra codecs add no value.

> or is it just the underlying efficiency of the code that is improved?

Right; there was some mild refactoring done, but certainly nothing "make or break" in terms of performance.

Hope that helps!

Edit: added DOSBox-X; thanks for the reminder @Wengier!

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krcroft wrote on 2021-04-04, 15:39:

It's bit-rotten since its last update here, but the work has found a home in ECE and Staging, like you've mentioned.

And it has found a home in DOSBox-X too (of course - thanks to your work). It is already supported by all major forks by now.

Note: This comment was split from my original post so that the post fits more in the thread, and the other topic can be discussed properly in the other thread.