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Hello. I wanted to have Srecko's old MIDI-in patch revived so that it would patch successfully with current versions of DOSBox, so I had a guy commissioned, Shlomi Fish, to work on this patch. I am no expert programmer, but I want this patch to be maintained and any help keeping it in shape as DOSBox changes would be appreciated. The patch has been tested with current SVN when I write this (4222) in FastTracker II, v. 2.09.

There are two variables added in the conf-file, those are for the time being inconfig and midioptions. Inconfig works similar to midiconfig but sets which device you want for MIDI input, and unlike midiconfig, inconfig needs a value, 0 or greater, to be enabled. No value will disable MIDI input. Midioptions configure what sort of MIDI input device you want to emulate. Possible values for midioptions are inputmpu401, inputsbuart, inputgus and inputauto.

There are issues too. For instance, I get an error while trying to change input while running using config. It exits saying: Exit to error: IO_writeHandler already installed on port 330

If anyone have something to add, please, but with no further ado, here it is:


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I've been researching getting this working, though I too am no great programmer. This patch has drawn some attention on Github here, on the Dosbox-X project: https://github.com/joncampbell123/dosbox-x/issues/756
Would it be possible to send the patch file their way?

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Nice, I didn't know someone worked on MIDI-in before.
I did my own quick hackjob for the IBM Music Feature Card emulation, because some software requires bi-directional communication to initialize voicebanks and configurations.
I could take this patch and base my work on that, so that things remain standardized.

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