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I spent about 3 hours of my time sorting the files into subdirectories at work this morning. Each program has three files (Program, graphic, CAP or interface) and even putting 50-100 files in a directory it has a 20 second lag. That would be so many sub-sub-subdirectories that I think it would be confusing. I'm not the only one running this.

I checked out that thread, thanks Mini-Max. It seems to be the mapped network drive more than the number of files. I already suggested having the program live on the hard drive and just backing up daily automatically and the IS supervisor didn't like the idea.

Reply 345 of 353, by davek

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I am looking at dosbox Hal's megabuild 5. I'm using dosbox at home now for dos games, imagine that.

The megabuild 5 has a line in the config for FILES=127. Is this a new feature on megabuild 5? I didn't see it in the megabuild 4 we use at work.

Reply 346 of 353, by DosFreak

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Looks like it:

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Running DRM games offline

Reply 350 of 353, by cigol

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Is this patch in DosBox version 0.74?

I am trying to talk to a device on a serial port with an MS-DOS program.

The device sends a break signal before it starts responding.

The "break" signal is (in h/w terms) where it holds the data line in the "0" position
for a period longer than the character length (it's equivalent to unplugging the
RS232 connection, hence the name "break"). But DosBox 0.74 treats this as a
"framing error" and reports it as such and the application falls over.

Is there any way of disabling the DosBox checking the serial port framing error?

Hope you can help, regards, Roger

Reply 351 of 353, by psyklik

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Looking forward to some assistance in getting the serial ports working in DOSBox.
I have set up the DOSBox config for serial ports as instructed with the following.
serial1=directserial: realport:COM1
serial2=directserial: realport:COM2

Yet, I get the following message upon running DOSBOX for both instructions.
"directserial:" is not a valid value for varible: type.

I am working version 0.74-3

Please review attached screenshot.
Any help will be greatly appreciated,


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Reply 353 of 353, by psyklik

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Thanks much for your advice. I now have DOSBox Com2 working and the CompuSail program working as well. I apologize for my tardy response as I had shelved the project till this week. Now that my sailing season is past for the year I returned to the project. By the way, my system is Win7,64 bit.