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PC 1 = Total DOS + Dosbox emulated PC, can they both connect? I mean legacy pc to dosbox pc?

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I have a setup working as follows:

One PC runs Linux with a connection to the intenet and has DOSBOX running with packet drivers setup as per guide above. What is happening is that DOSBOX is connected to the internet through a serial port. Then I downloaded some DOS networking tools from the second link above and I can successfully ping to Google from DOSBOX.

Then I change my setup a bit so linux runs as a normal client machine and I use a separate PC with strictly DOS 6.22 on it (no emulation). I install the packet driver for that machine and the usual drivers to get TCP/IP up and running. I can use internet on that computer too.

For the real DOS machine, I used a straight through RJ45 ethernet cable that I connect to my router to connect. I don't think any wifi tools exist (yet) for DOS.

The issue with me is that I'm running a webserver for DOS (I borrowed ideas from webserv.bas from rubbermallet.org) but the problem with it is that DDOS attacks are very easy to perform on it, especially when I'm doing much of my testing through DOSBOX (yes the DOSBOX is the server machine on the same machine (Linux) that's acting like a client. I know its crazy but true.