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I've been using Jack Ellis's excellent XDVD2 driver. It takes only 144 bytes of upper memory and the rest i let it load on HMA. I recommend you RTFM. For CDROM extensions i use a couple: i use Helix Software licensed MSCDEX extensions with cloaking. It allows me to just spend 2.5kb upper memory for MSCDEX and 1kb for the Cloaking API. The bulk of MSCDEX is loaded into XMS. For Mouse driver i also use a licensed Logitech driver that just takes 1kb of upper memory while the cloaking API takes the rest to XMS. All these 3 drivers take a "whopping" less than 5kb from upper memory.

The i also use SHSUCDHD and SHSUCDX to mount ISO files as a CD drive. That allows me to play a lot of DOS games without original CD's. The latest SHSUCDX seems to have improved. At least games with audio tracks i tried (Loom, Alone in the Dark) worked great. Need for Speed now works with SHSUCDX. Good times.