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Alright so, without getting into frivolous detail, here's my issue:
System as above will post at up to 171 FSB (!) but will not boot with anything over 140, which is fairly disappointing. Tried changing voltages and using different AGP cards and ram.
Is there anything missing, or is this board simply not taking to overclocking well? Could changing from the beta to the non-beta bios change anything?

System runs plenty cool at any speed by the way.

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SRQ wrote:
sgt76 wrote:

What ram are you using? Timings?

I honestly have no idea, the 512 modules are blank and the 256 just says CL133

If you are using normal/unknown ram then dont OC. Old RAM was very sensitive to that kinda stuff, and honestly for what you (should) be wanting to do stock pc133 should be fine. 98se has no reason to run more than 512mb, and 2k runs great on half that. If you are running XP sp3 on a P3 than you shouldnt be.

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On my dual Tualatin board with DDR memory, I can only run it up to 144 or 145 Mhz FSB. I then back it down a bit to 142 MHz. I use 3 GB of RAM. 4 GB won't run at 142 MHz, but runs fine at 133 MHz. The system is very solid and never crashes. I ran it 24/7 for 2 years like this.

There is no option in the BIOS or on the MB to adjust the CPU voltage. Does your board provide the option to increase the CPU voltage? What about the memory voltage?

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Honestly I just wanted to push as far as possible for two reasons.
A: Fuck it why not, I rarely use this system (It gets /really/ weird with Voodoo 2 SLi so I use a P933 system instead).
B: See if overclocking will make KOTOR playable.

I tried voting all the way to 1.75. No option for ram voltage. There is a 4/3 or 1/1 ram speed selector but it doesn't give me any more headroom.

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A few things, set you ram/pci/agp dividers up right, up cpu l2 timings (if you mobo lets you)
Up your ram timings 3-3-3 or higher, get better ram, most pc133 will crap about at around 142mhz.
Get better cooling for the cpu/mobo_chipset/fets
Get a better mobo, if I recall that's a VIA chipset board, those crap about around 150mhz fsb for most folks.
Disable anything in the bios you don't use.

Send me a screen shot of every bios page and I might be able to help even more.
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candle_86 wrote:

look for old PC 166 sticks, I heard rumors they existed but never ran across any.

Yep they do. But it's more likely his mobo holding him back