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Holy necrobump Batman!!

OK, just to document my experience with this game, hoping it would be useful for someone else:

- Installed Win98 normally (I have a voodoo3 PCI on my retro PC)
- Installed the latest reference drivers for the voodoo (1.07 IIRC)
- Created empty files C:\Windows\System\glide.dll and C:\Windows\system\sst1init.dll
- Installed PoD 2.0 from my CD. I had to manually choose the maximum 3dfx installation (about 200MB)
- Used the PoD: back to Hell CD to patch the 3dfx installation

After this, the 3dfx logo is displayed on PoD start and it seems to work fine.

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Any idea how to make 3dfx demo working with V3, it has some error missing glide.dll ? For full version there are patches..

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