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What's the most common limit for pentium 2/3/4 era boards? It seems like the most common one is 137gb, with no limits fro, 512mb up unless you're unlucky. Also does drive overlay software work for 160gb drives, and especially for ntfs/xp installs? The seagate one that Phil uses seems to only have fat and fat32 support, I'm guessing if I install the ddo then install xp, that the mbr will be changed and the system will no longer be able to boot from the oversized drive?

Just confused because I've been mainly using ide-sd adapters, and want to replace them with hard drives - but I can't get my hands on ide ones cheap, which is okay since I can get the adapters... but I'm also having trouble finding drives under 160gb. ATM I'm not using my under 160gb drives in case they're the only ones that will work on older systems, or will be the only ones to work with overlay software.

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It's not quite that simple.
Motherboard limit is mostly down to LBA,
P2-3 era should have 28 bit LBA, which maxes out at 160GB
P4's era should have LBA 48 which can supports 144 PB

Even then Windows cant boot from such large drives.
Win2k is limited to 137GB for C:\ other drive or partitions can be as large as you like
WinXP is bit more complicated depending if you use MBR or GPT, but I would keep it to 137GB just to be sure.

Haven't checked but think using one of those adaptors will simply ignore the excess space.