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I'd like to move my new Slot 1 build into the an XPS case -- but I have to do something about getting the front panel connector connected to non-Dell motherboard.

This guy:

plugs into here on the Dell motherboard:


I've figured out easily enough which of the sockets in picture [2] do what. http://www.roberthancock.com/dell/fpconn.htm was helpful for that.

However, the solutions of splicing wires or cutting up the housing seem like an unnecessary headache.

What are these plugs/cables called? :


If I can get a few male <-> female cable of these I can keep the original front panel cable intact and just utilize which pins I need for the new board. I'm not sure what these little 2 pin cables are called though?

Thanks in advance!

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Tinning the end of a trimmed wire should suffice for the male end of the extender wires you'd be making. The documentation for such cables and connections is a nightmare with older boards. On a whim, I recorded all of the unlabeled pin functions on my first computer's motherboard, and almost twenty years later, I restored it. Only got the polarity backwards when I plugged everything in from the new case, but that was a quick fix.

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