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squiggly wrote:

Yes. And then you start collecting "spares" in case a components somewhere fails, and you enter the dark zone.

My guess is that im near my dark zone.
I'm starting to collect spares for my builds.
Also the stack of computer builds are starting to fill up all the space that i have at home.

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twitch stream (in portuguese)

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I used to do more then one build at a time, but that was back when most of my builds were for others.
Most I did at one time was like 8 systems.

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i'd collect stuff if space weren't a issue, i already have like 4 machines, an 286, 486DX4, a P166 and some useless modern stuff, the 486 is main rig.

Also, using multiple builds can be a bit messy if you don't have a CF card or a file sharing between them, imagine you have already your 486 installed and you want to continue some coding that was on another pc...aaaaaahhh

soon i gotta get rid of the rest...