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PS/2 to Microsoft Serialmouse Adapter Converter / Updated First Post / Firmware Update added

if you intressed into PS/2 RS232 Converter with AVR,
all files are Opensource, GITHUB needs to be updated with new Firmware but its also in the corresponding thread (Firmware v1.1)
With highspeed 19200 Baud Mode.

It also works with Combo USB/PS/2 Mouses.

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mdog69 wrote:
.legaCy wrote:

Should work fine, but using a raspberry pi for this is kind of overkill, but hey, it is up to you.

There's a high probability that an RPi would cause enough of a delay to get annoying after a while.
Might be OK for a proof of concept, but by the time you've mucked around with the RPi you might as well have prototyped it on an Arduino.

I had a go with this with a spare pi2 (which is now hooked up to my 3d printer) and a USB > null modem cable. It works really well actually, no latency that I could perceive compared to using a real serial mouse.

I could never get it working with the pi's built-in UART though, which was rather disappointing, it seemed to be the RTS pin wasn't working.