386SX-40 Motherboard Not POSTing

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Murugan wrote on 2019-07-19, 09:40:

I checked too and I don't get a signal when probing pin 39 and pin 2 data so there is a broken trace but how to find it. I don't see anything going from pin 39...


I'm also fighting a 386 leaked motherboard (Octek Panther IV 386SX), found the cut trace looking FROM the keyboard TO the 39 PIN, my controller chip is far away from the battery damage, and seemed to me easier to find testing everything all the way from KB to Pin39...

KB connector - trace - Inductor - trace - capacitor - trace - 39 (far far away)... every hyphen in this chain could become a problem (not only the trace itself) I found a tiny, tiny, tiny cut near the trace - capacitor conection.

I have learn a lot reading this post... tested the connector, all the traces, power, kb controller... no success for now.

I hope to make myself understood.