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Hello !

So yesterday I picked up a pile of motherboards, and I picked up this really nice one :


According to the internet it's a PCChips M396F, but what tickled my curiosity is that on all the motherboards pictures I've found, the chipset was renamed "PC Chips" or had a fake sticker, but mine looks untouched (unless they removed any marking and printed something new ontop of the chip, but that's not what they do usually, they prefer to put stickers). Now, was this chipset known before ? I can't find any infos on the internet except that it seems to have been used on a 286 motherboard as well ... which is also made by pcchips.

Is that the true chipset behind the scene or is it something different ?

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Hi! I also own one of those m396f bur I couldn't make it work with different speeds. In your version of the board, are you able to change the speed of the processor? Are the jumpers working?