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hi there
i was able to buy a very cheap sound blaster pci live card and it came with the remote control, and the 5 1/4 sound blaster liveDRIVE.
but the IDE cable is missing

I would like to know if i can use a regular hard disk drive IDE cable (40pin or 80pin) to connect the SBlive with the Livedrive.
The original cable must be kind of different because on the card some pins are missing.

I would also like to know if these drives only work on an specific card or it can be used with other cards like audigy, audigy2 zx etc.

does anyone know this?

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My memory is a bit hazy on this, but if I recall correctly you can use a 40 wire IDE cable. 80 wire cables will not work however. The proper cable does have key pins blocked off, and I believe you'll need a 40 wire IDE cable that can have the IDE key pin unblocked.

Live and Audigy 1 drives are interchangeable. Audigy 2 and X-Fi (PCI) drives are interchangeable.